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New Year Party-2014


yufei group new year party 2014
Yufei Heavy Industries Group held 2014 Annual Spring Festival Celebration successfully.
On Jan 22th in 2014, Yufei Heavy Industries Group gathered together at the Chamber of Commerce Building as scheduled to celebrate Chinese New Year.
The chairman of the board Mr Guo Zhangxian attended this party with the whole board of directors and members of supervisory board and gave his New Year’s greetings.
While looking back on 2013’s work, Mr Guo Zhangxian proposed requirements toward that of 2014——All the staff should carry out the spirit of 2014 Annual Economic Conference uniting as one, seeking the truth, exploring and innovating to achieve 2014 overall work, thus to contribute to group’s progress with great efforts for Yufei’s all-round development. In the end, Mr Guo Zhangxian extended his best regards to the whole staff.
Wonderful programmers of performers from group and its subsidiary companies feasted the eyes of the whole staff which caused a burst of applause.
Successful celebration enlivened the conference site which passed on best wishes for the whole staff and encouraged them to work hard during 2014 with greater efforts and ambitions.

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Yufei Heavy Industries Group,as the first maker who is professionally specialized in producing lifting equipment and material handling equipment such as overhead cranes,gangry crane,jib cranes, ship loader etc. in central China,has developed fast during these recent years serving a broad range of customers including manufacturing and process industries, shipyards, ports, metallurgy, shipbuilding,military, water conservancy and so on. Yufei Heavy Industries Group provides top quality product,god-like service,competitive price and productivity-enhancing lifting solutions as well as services for lifting equipment and machine tools.Until now, Yufei has more than 4000 employees,about 12 subsidiaries and over 30 agencies all over China. And Yufei's products have been exported to India,Vietnam,Russia,Spain,Japan,South Africa, other countries in South America etc.
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