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Who we are?
Yufei Heavy Industries Group, located in Xinxiang City, Henan Prov.,China, is an enterprise group whose 12 subsidiaries are Henan Crane Co.,Ltd, Xinxiang Hoisting Equipment Co. Ltd, Henan Shitong Electric Automatical Control Co. Ltd, Henan Yufei Pengsheng Forging Co. Ltd , Xinxiang Yufei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd and so on. There are over 100 representative branches in China.
What we do?
Yufei Heavy Industries Group is specialized in manufacturing machinery equipments combining mechanical research, development, design, manufacturing, sales, installation, service, import and export into one.
Main products
2 brands:“Yufei” & “Tengsheng”
Products line:
►Xinxiang Hoisting Equipment Co.Ltd:8 types such as special military-use crane, metallurgical crane, special function crane, nuclear power and hydro-power crane
►Henan Crane Co.,Ltd :ship loader/unloader, rail-mounted container crane.
►Henan Yufei Pengsheng Forging Co.,Ltd: hook, hook set, beam, nut and other various sling, fixture, gear, travel wheel.
►Xinxiang Yufei Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd: mainly used for machining and assembling the parts of large equipments.
►Henan Shitong Electric Automatical Control Co.,Ltd: high/low swith devices, smart cubicle-type transform power station, boiler computer control cubicle, crane control cabinet and explosion proof electric control cabinet.
►Xinxiang Taihang Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd:waste tire recycling machine, rubber recycling product line.
Benefits from us
►Top quality product;
►God-like service;
►Competitive price,
Motto and philosophy
● honesty;
● cooperation;
● innovation;
● beyond.

● Talent as the root;

● Honesty-oriented;

● Client focus;

● innovation as the soul;

● Mutual benefits;

● brand as the treasure.

About YuFei
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Add:19th Floor, Blk B, Xinxiang Chamber of Commerce Building, No. 688, Jinsui Avenue, Xinxiang, Henan, China
E-mail: info@yufeimc.com
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